Don't Let Bad Posture Ruin Your Wedding Day!

Published: 17th December 2005
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There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a bride, a groom or any member of the wedding party, dolled up and gorgeous but for their slumped shoulders and a heavy tramp across the reception hall. We invest so much time, care and effort - not to mention money – in order to present our absolute best but too often the importance of body language isn't considered on the Wedding Day.

Don't be a victim of bad posture on your Wedding Day! Pay attention to your stance, stride and posture. The essential finishing touch to the perfect wedding dress or tux, makeup, hair, shoes and other nuptial details is tall, elegant posture and a confident walk.

Etiquette has relaxed dramatically over the years and we now enjoy the benefits of more casual society. We dress up less often and are less conscious of our presentation and how we express ourselves through that presentation. We've done away with Finishing School and much of the rigid training once common to a child's upbringing.

But your Wedding Day is NOT a normal day; it's one of THE most special days of your life. Now is the time to consider the value of classic Wedding Traditions. Instead of opening and shining outwards, bad posture will close off your energy and spoil the effects of your wedding attire.

Adjusting your posture is something that must be practiced prior to Wedding Day. Without conditioning you're sure to revert to bad posture habits and spoil the effect of your wedding gown or tux.

To improve your posture:

1. Hold your head high, feel the length of your neck, extend from the base of your spine to a point on top of your head that stretches to the ceiling.

2. Roll your shoulder blades towards each other and feel proud!

3. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your rib cage which will help to tuck in your tummy while expressing the confidence that you deserve to feel.

Just as important as posture is your Walk. If you're going to dress the dress you'd better also be prepared to walk the walk. Prior to the wedding, plan to practice walking in your Wedding Shoes every day for at least 2 weeks. Walking is not only about moving from point A to point B. It's an opportunity for elegance and grace. Don't leave yourself any room to falter. Practice and care does make perfect.

Try your advance not only in small spaces but also across longer stretches of floor. On Wedding Day all eyes will be on you and you'll feel the consciousness of performing and being on display. The Wedding Reception is like a stage where the bride and groom are the leading performers. It's essential to be rehearsed and prepared right down to the heel toe of your stride.

On Wedding Day, walking is a kind of parade, an elegant promenade that should be light and elegant, giving you a chance to display and enjoy the flow of your dress and the fairy tale grace of a special day.

It's understandable that on their Wedding day the bride and groom can be full of nerves. Spare yourself any awkward moments so that you can look and feel your absolute best. By rehearsing your walk and conditioning your posture you'll be able to relax and enjoy share the magic of your special day.

Mandi Gould makes it easy and stress-free to prepare for your First Dance together on your Wedding Day. For wedding dance tips and articles or to receive a First Dance Mini Course visit

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